The Unwelcome Journey…

Okay, so I’m welcoming myself to the world of blogging, for a bunch of reasons.  I’ve been on a “journey” for a while (I’ve always hated the word–it feels so cliche).   I’m a mom living with metastatic cancer trying to do all the “mom” stuff with this shadow on my shoulder reminding me about my mortality.  It became apparent over the last few months the feelings that I’ve been struggling to identify are those of purpose–searching for it.  I have my beautiful children who are such a source of purpose in my life.  But I want a little more. Enter my new blog.

Although I’ve been in the workforce since age 15, I’ve recently found myself unable to continue at my job outside the home.  Sad in a way, but admittedly loving all the perks of a stay-at-home.

So here’s the scoop: I’m approaching a milestone in #cancerland of 5 years post diagnosis.  A lot has happened over those 60 months.  It finally feels like it’s time to for me to talk/write about it and in doing so, treat myself to a little catharsis and maybe help someone else out there grappling with it all too.  It’s been 5 years to the month since I sat in a room with my brother and sister staring with disbelief at a doctor who just continued to apologize for having to present me with life altering news: you have cancer and need to undergo chemotherapy.  He handed me a pamphlet on breast cancer and sent us on our way.  It took about 8 minutes of shock before my siblings and I started making jokes.  Typical.

I’m a 40 year old single mom who in the Spring of 2013 was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer, one of the biggest cancer bullies out there.  I started chemo (all the good ones like Adriamycin, Cytoxan and Taxol).  That was followed by a mastectomy, radiation and then a hormonal treatment plan which carried me for 10 months.  Then metastatic became a new word in my vocabulary.  I had a port placed in my chest in order to administer chemotherapy.  It got infected and had to be removed, awesome.  So I had a PICC line for treatment.  I lost my hair.  My body changed.  Those first months and years were a lonely existence.  I didn’t know what to do except keep turning the calendar pages.  I was in a sort of cancer daze—trying to work at my job, deal with an unrelenting ex, take care of my kids and gain perspective every day on what really matters.  Helloooo, pressure.

So with all that, I know a few things for sure: no one has a squad of the best family and friends like I do.  I can’t help finding the funny in just about everything.  And as a girl from central Pennsylvania with a degree in journalism, writing has always been a go-to for me.  So here’s hoping I can find my way in this new endeavor.  TIA for all the support.


2 thoughts on “The Unwelcome Journey…”

  1. I love your writing, and I feel like I’m already loving you. Reading your posts has this mix of joy (you have such an upbeat personality that shines through in your writing), but – gosh – it also makes my heart hurt. Thank you for sharing your ‘journey’ with us. I hope that you find the blogging community to be uplifting, supportive, and encouraging!! 🙂

    1. Omg Nicole, thank you! I feel like we’ve known each other for years! I am so grateful for all the encouragement. This has been a long time coming so fingers crossed for success. 🙂

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